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FONTAINE - Silver plated Flute

$ 299.00

FONTAINE - Open hole Flute
Open hole C Flute with split E and offset G.

$ 319.00

Nuova NFL3ES Student Flute
Get great projection and timbre from Nuova’s stand out student flute.

$ 359.00

Suzuki Master Class Flute
Each instrument has been specially designed with professional features, indestructible cases.

$ 399.00

SELMER Prelude Flute
SELMER Prelude Flute Split E Silver Plate. RRP $ 550.00

$ 499.00

Suzuki Concertino Flute
The Suzuki Concertino Collection Flute is designed with a combination of professional features that create ease of blowing, great intonation and even register response. Includes Rugged Black Aluminium Roadie Case

$ 699.00

Jupiter Flutes 511SE Silver Plated Flute
511SE Silver Plated Jupiter Flute with Silver-plated headjoint, body and footjoint. Offset G with C foot. Same as 511S with split E mechanism.

Price ( RRP: $ 949.00 )

$ 699.00

Trevor James TJ-3041EW Student Flute
TJ-3041EW Trevor James Student Flute RRP $ 995

$ 770.00

Yamaha YFL-211
More than Just Inexpensive Versions of our Professional Flutes...
200 series standard flutes, Covered keys, Offset G, E mechanism, Drawn & curled RRP $ 1099.00

$ 799.00

Jupiter 511SRE Open Hole Flute
same as 511S with open holes and split E mechanism.
RRP : $ 999.00

$ 799.00

Pearl 505E Flute
Pearl 505E Silver Plate Flute with Split E Mechanism. RRP $ 1099.00

$ 949.00

Pearl 525E Flute
Pearl 525E Sterling Silver lip and riser, with Silver clad headjoint, body, footjoint RRP $ 1245.00

$ 999.00

Jupiter 611SE Flute
Solid sterling Silver Headjoint with Silver plated body.

Price RRP$ : 1299.00

$ 1049.00

Jupiter 611SRE Flute
Open Hole Flute with Solid Sterling Silver headjoint, silver plated body. Split E mechanism.

RRP: $ 1399.00

$ 1199.00

Pearl 525RE-1R Open Hole Flute
The Quantz series has now expanded to include four models.
All of them feature Pearl's French pointed arms, Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar.

$ 1250.00

Yamaha YFL-371 Flute
More than Just Inexpensive Versions of our Professional Flutes... 300 series intermediate flutes, Ring keys, Offset G, E mechanism, Drawn & curled. RRP $ 1799.00

$ 1599.00

Pearl 665RBE Open Hole
Pearl 665RBE Sterling Silver headjoint, with Silver clad body, footjoint and keys, open hole RRP $ 1975.00

$ 1695.00

diMEDICI JF911 Flue
Jupiter diMEDICI JF911SRBEA RRP $ 2899.00

$ 2499.00

Pearl 765-RBE
Sterling Silver Headjoint, Body and Footjoint with Silver Clad Keys, 0ffset G, Open Hole

$ 2950.00

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