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FONTAINE - Eb Alto sax
Eb Alto sax. Clear lacquered yellow brass body and keys. High F# key.

$ 795.00

Nuova instruments are produced by world leading manufacturer KHS (makers of Jupiter, Sonor, Mapex, Hohner RRP $ 899.00

$ 799.00

Suzuki Master Class Alto saxophone
Includes Assembly, Care and Maintenance Guide, fingering chart.

$ 999.00

Selmer Prelude AS711 Alto Saxophone
Prelude Student Model AS711 Alto Saxophone

$ 1099.00

Jupiter 567GL Alto Saxophone
Jupiter's best selling Alto Sax, this model was made for beginners being free blowing with good intonation and features which will assist in the learning process.. RRP $ 1399.00

$ 1099.00

Conn 27M Alto Saxophone
Conn Director 27M Alto Saxophone. 3 year Warranty.

$ 1299.00

The YAS26 saxophone is the ultimate student instrument.
RRP $ 1999.00

$ 1599.00

Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone
Based on the highly recommended YAS/YTS-275 saxophones the new YAS/YTS-280 are even further enhanced with a new, more stable neck receiver and a new low B-C# connection for better adjustment.
RRP $ 2349.00

$ 1799.00

Jupiter 869GL Artist Series Alto Sax
The 800 series ‘Artist’ Saxophone projects better than any other horn I’ve played and produces a beautiful rich tone.” - Andrew Oh (International Recording Artist)

$ 2599.00

Selmer AS220 La Voix Alto Saxophone
Includes a Bam Paris Trekking case and Selmer S-80 C* Professional Mouthpiece

$ 2999.00

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