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pBone Plastic Trombone Blue or Red

$ 299.00

FONTAINE - Bb Tenor Trombone.
Bb Tenor Trombone. Clear lacquered yellow brass body, brass outer slide and cupronickel inner slide. Every Fontaine and Fontaine Trident Series instrument is protected by a full 2 year warranty.

$ 349.00

J Michael Bb/F Trombone
J Michael TB550M Trombone, Medium-sized dual bore with Bb/F trigger. Yellow Brass 8inch bell, Lacquered Finish. Semi hard case.

$ 599.00

500L Jupiter Bb Student Trombone - Small Bore
A free blowing student level Bb trombone with hard chrome plated nickel silver inner slide & brass outerslide. Great beginners instrument with Jupiter’s quality guarantee. New improved slides! Complete with airmold hardcase. RRP : $ 849.00

$ 679.00

Jupiter 432L Trombone
Jupiter JTR 432L Deluxe Standard Tenor Trombone. RRP $ 1199.00

$ 899.00

438L Jupiter Bb Headstart Ergonomic Trombone
The trombone specifically designed to enhance playability and increase learning speed of students. .500” bore, 8” bell. Lightweight Backpack case included.
RRP : $ 1099

$ 899.00

Bach TB-301 Tenor Trombone
Bach Student Model TB301 Tenor Trombone. USA made.
RRP $ 1099.00

$ 995.00

Yamaha YSL-154 Trombone
The YSL-154 trombone is the most popular student model trombone in Australia. RRP $ 1349.00

$ 1079.00

Jupiter XO 1032L Trombone
Developed for today's solo, ensemble or jazz trombonist, the small bore 1032L XO Series trombone offers professional styling, features and sound. RRP : $ 2599.00

$ 1895.00

JUPITER 932AS 30th Anniversary Trombone
Limited edition antique finish 30th Anniversary model tROMBONE

$ 2299.00

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