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Hohner Silver Star
10 Hole Diatonic, 20 Reeds.

$ 14.95

Hohner Special 20
Great Tone and Comfort.
Available Keys C, G, D, A & E.

$ 55.00

Hohner Marine Band Classic
The original blues harmonica with the legendary sound.
Available Keys C, G, D, A & E

$ 55.00

Hohner Pro Harp
Elegant Looks and Style. Greblon coated covers in matt black finish give this model an unmistakable appearance.

$ 55.00

Hohner Blues Harp
Wood body construction gives the Blues Harp the raw blues sound that so many professionals demand.

$ 55.00

Hohner Blues Starter-set from Steve Baker
Package includes: Big River Harp, C-major. Complete instruction book written by Steve Baker. CD with exercises

$ 69.00

John Lennon IMAGINE Signature Series Harmonica
Hand-made in Trossingen, Germany, this premium harp is perfect for any collector, fan, or serious harmonica player

$ 89.00

Hohner Steven Tyler Signature Series
The perfect addition to any harmonica player's collection!

$ 199.00

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