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PLATINUM Drum throne
Budget tubular style stool

$ 39.00

Mapex T270A
Mapex T270A drum throne, 12" Diameter by 2.5" thick. Durable Soft-Vinyl Seat Cover. Double Braced Legs.

$ 79.00

Mapex T570A
Newly Designed Round Cushioned Seat

$ 129.00

Mapex T575A
Saddle-style Cushioned Seat

$ 149.00

Mapex T750A Drum Throne
Mapex thrones are durable, stable and comfortable. With a variety of sizes available, you're sure to find a Mapex throne that suits your needs.

$ 179.00

Mapex T755A
Newly Designed Mapex T755A Saddle-style Cushioned Seat.

$ 189.00

Mapex T760A drum throne
Newly Designed round cushioned seat with Cloth top seat cover

$ 199.00

Mapex T765A
Newly Designed Saddle-style Cushioned Seat with Cloth top seat cover

$ 199.00

Mapex T775
The new Mapex T770 and T775 Four Point Support Thrones provide comfort and stability for every gig

$ 229.00

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