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POWERBEAT - single pedal
Bass drum pedal.

$ 39.00

Mapex P320A
Single Chain Drive drum pedal

$ 89.00

Mapex P550A single pedal
Mapex pedals are made of solid steel components and are engineered to be reliable, durable and most importantly playable

$ 169.00

Mapex P750A
Double Chain Drive pedal

$ 179.00

DXP - Double bass drum pedal
Can be used on single or double bass drums. Great action.

$ 199.00

Tornado Double Kick Pedal
Model 5812 single chain drive double kick pedal. Great Value

$ 229.00

Mapex P380A Double Kick
Mapex P380A Double Kick, new lower price.

$ 259.00

Gibraltar 5 Series Double Kick
GI5611DB Gibraltar 5 Series - Double Kick Bass Drum Pedal. Features: New Grid Wave Designed Foot Plates

$ 369.00

Mapex P580A Double Bass Drum Pedal
Double bass drum pedal with variable position cam and chain drive

$ 399.00

Mapex Falcon double kick pedal
Bass drum double pedal new 2010 Model interchangeable cams, toe plate, chain, slimline foot board for minimal foot print with falcon claw

$ 599.00

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