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$ 299.00
You have a great song in mind and want to record it straight to your computer? You want all your amps and stomp boxes in your computer so you can rock like you’re in the studio or on stage?

With the BEHRINGER METALIEN iAXE629 USB-Guitar, you’re just a cable away.

The iAXE629 USB-Guitar comes with loads of great sounding virtual amps and stomp boxes from Native Instruments. Rock with your MP3, WAV and AIFF songs or backing tracks on your PC or Mac computer and enjoy nifty features such as time-stretching and a metronome.

We even included multi-track recording and editing software so you can record your music on the spot.

This double-cutaway electric guitar delivers powerful humbucking tones and comes fitted with a vintage tremolo, making it an indispensable piece of gear for modern guitarists. A built-in output allows you to connect your headphones straight to your guitar so you can rock with your favorite bands. Cool, isn’t it?

Plug in your new METALIEN iAXE629 USB-Guitar and rock the world today.
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