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Blues Harp Pocketbook
Take a jump into the great world of blues harmonica. This book covers note reading, embouchure, rhythm, and blues progressions. Packed with tons of blues songs utilizing both major and natural minor diatonic harmonicas. 32 pages.

$ 2.99

Harmonica Pocketbook
This informative booklet contains all the basics needed to start playing harmonica.

$ 2.99

Progressive Harmonica Method
For Beginners

$ 29.95

Progressive Blues Harmonica
For Beginners to Intermediate

$ 36.95

Progressive Chromatic Harmonica
A compehensive lesson by lesson method covering all aspects of Harmonica playing

$ 36.95

The Harp Handbook
This is the third edition for this ever-popular harmonica method. Written by renowned Harmonica played Steve Baker.

$ 42.99

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