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Marshall MB4410
$ 1299.00
Big enough to sound monstrous, yet transportable enough to fit in the car!
300 watts Output @ 4 Ohms
450 watts Output @ 2 Ohms (with extension cabinet)
4 x 10 inch speakers
HF Horn
Speakon connectors x 2
1/4 inch jack speaker connectors x 2
Built-in limiter
DI Line out: XLR (Pre and Post)
FX Loop
Footswitch: 2 Way (included)
2 channels, Modern and Classic
Blend control
Built-in compressor (switchable Modern channel)
ECC83 pre-amp valve (Classic channel)
Boost Switch (Classic channel)
3 x Mid Voices
Master Volume
CD input (1/4 inch jack)
Headphone output
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