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Marshall JVM210C
$ 2279.00
Both channels offer three footswitchable modes, effectively giving you six Marshall's in one! Built in England with pride and armed with 16 controls and six switches, the JVM210C is easy to understand and intuitive to use. After exhaustive testing of every speaker available, all agreed that the pairing of a Marshall/Celestion 'Heritage' with a Marshall/Celestion 'Vintage' was the only way to go as the combination produces a fantastic depth and bredth of sound while maintaining a tight, musical response and a solid low end thump. Add to this footswitchable, studio quality Digital Reverb, two footswitchable Master Volumes, two FX Loops, a revolutionary, intelligent 4-way footswitch, MIDI switching capability and the highest gain capability ever found in an all-valve Marshall means each JVM delivers an incredibly broad range of tones and switching options. From shimmering, 3 dimensional cleans to the dirtiest, yet most articulate grind imaginable and all tones in-between, the JVM2 does it all and the sonic impossibilities are endless!

Product Details:

* All-valve design with hand selected valves for premium performance 5 x ECC83 and 4 x EL34 (100 Watt)
* 1 x Vintage 12" Speaker and 1 x Heritage 12" Speaker
* Two totally independent, footswitchable channels: Clean/Crunch and OD
* Six footswitchable modes: three per channel
* Two footswitchable Master Volumes
* Studio quality, footswitchable Digital Reverb
* Reverb controls for each channel
* Two FX Loops, one footswitchable
* Critically acclaimed Speaker Emulated DI (XLR)
* Silent Recording capability
* Revolutionary 4-way footswitch with memory
* Seamless switching
* Five footswitch LEDs allow instant visualisation
* Built in switch memory for each of the six modes
* MIDI programmable control for all switches
* Proudly built in England
* Dimensions (mm) 690x510x265
* 34.5kg
* Includes Footswitch PEDL-00045
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