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Clark Meg Tinwhistle
In 1843 Robert Clarke invented the tinwhistle. The first ones that he manufactured were called MEGS.
Available in Silver & Black. Keys C & D

$ 7.95

Deluxe brass tin whistle
Key of D. In attractive presentation box. Made in Ireland

$ 13.95

“Guinness” Irish black whistle.
Gift packed with Guinness logo on whistle & pack

$ 14.95

“English” penny whistle
Deluxe brass whistle with instruction leaflet. Key of D. Made in Ireland

$ 14.95

Clark Celtic Tinwhistle
The Clarke Celtic Tinwhistle in the Key of D comes with its own fingering chart and five traditional Celtic tunes,

$ 16.95

“Dublin whistle twin pack”
Contains Dublin brass D whistle and Waltons Dublin whistle book

$ 19.95

Clarke Penny Whistle
Clarke Victorian Singing Games Set with Natural Original Clarke D Whistle

$ 19.95

“Guinness Irish black whistle twin pack”
Gift pack containing D black plated aluminium whistle with Guinness logo and book containing 27 Irish and international tunes

$ 19.95

“English penny whistle twin pack
Contains deluxe brass D whistle and instruction / tune book.

$ 19.95

“Scottish penny whistle twin pack”
Contains deluxe brass D whistle and instruction/tune book.

$ 19.95

The Original Clarke Tinwhistle
The Clarke Tinwhistle has been the favourite instrument of distinguished Tinwhistle players ever since 1843.

$ 25.95

Howard Low D Whistle
Low D is the most common key played in Irish and many other types of traditional music. Available in polished Brass and Black Powder Coated.

$ 299.00

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