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Clarinet Thumb Cushion
6144 Clarinet Thumb Cushion

$ 4.95

HERCO Cleaning cloth
For cleaning all lacquered instruments.

$ 6.95

Pull through swab for clarinet
Synthetic chamois cloth with guide weight on nylon cord.

$ 6.95

HERCO Silver Cleaning cloth
For cleaning and polishing all silver and plated instruments.

$ 6.95

bass clarinet Pull through
HERCO - Pull through swab for alto and bass clarinet

$ 7.95

Alto Sax Pull through swab
HERCO - Alto Sax Pull through swab of synthetic

$ 10.95

Jupiter Polishing Cloth
Quality Lint Free Polishing Cloth for silver and Lacquered instruments.

$ 11.95

Clarinet Maintenance Kit
HERCO - Clarinet Maintenance Kit

$ 32.95

Eb Sax Maintenance Kit
HERCO - Maintenance Kit Alto Sax

$ 35.00

Flute Maintenance Kit
Flute/Piccolo Maintenance Kit by Herco

$ 35.00

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