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HERCO - Silver Cleaning cloth
For cleaning and polishing all silver and plated instruments.

$ 6.95

HERCO - Cleaning cloth
For cleaning all lacquered instruments.

$ 6.95

HERCO - Spitballs
Blown through the instrument to give instantaneous cleaning.

$ 8.95

Trumpet Flexible cleaning brush
HERCO - Flexible spring wire with nylon brushes

$ 10.95

Trombone Flexible brush
Flexible spring wire with nylon brushes on both ends

$ 10.95

Jupiter Polishing Cloth
Quality Lint Free cloth for Silver and Lacquered instruments.

$ 11.95

REKA DES cleaning fluid
For use with Reka cleaning kits

$ 12.95

REKA silver polish
High quality German made polish for all silver instruments.

$ 17.95

Bobcat Mouthpiece puller
Bobcat Mouthpiece puller attaches to leadpipe to remove stuck mouthpieces

$ 139.00

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