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Violin Pitchpipe
G. D. A. E. Pitchpipe.

$ 5.95

Australian made 100% cotton flannel suitable for cleaning and polishing all instrument finishes

$ 5.95

Formula No. 65 Orchestral Cleaner
JIM DUNLOP - Formula No. 65 Orchestral Cleaner. Ideal daily use cleaner and polish for all modern violin, viola, cello etc. finishes.

$ 8.95

HIDERSINE - Series 1. Clear amber cake on crimped flannelette

$ 11.95

‘U’ shape stand
Adjustable to suit different size violins

$ 14.95

Violin soundhole pickup
Spring loaded mount clips into ‘F’ hole

$ 19.95

Tubular style violin stand
Height adjustable 36cm to 53cm which enables this stand to suit all violin sizes

$ 21.95

Violin Mate Tuner
CHERUB - Violin Mate. contact violin tuner

$ 24.90

shoulder rest violin / viola
JOHNSON quality rest. Contoured. Height and width adjustable.

$ 29.95

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