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Meinl 8 inch splash
Meinl C8S 8 inch Classics Splash
Very fast attack and sharp, penetrating cut. Very bright, clear sound.

$ 109.00

Meinl Classic 10" splash
Meinl C10S 10" Classic Splash
Very fast attack and sharp, penetrating cut. Very bright, clear sound.

$ 129.00

Meinl HCS 14" Hihat
A versatile hihat in medium weight. Warm, clean sound and an articulate open hihat.

$ 149.00

Meinl 8 inch Bell
Meinl C8BH 8 inch Classics Bell Effect Cymbal
Available in three different pitches low, medium, high with a very long sustain and a dry, pingy, brilliant stick response.

$ 149.00

Meinl HCS 16" Crash
16" HCS Crash. Smooth attack with a medium sustain. Complex spread with a warm feel.

$ 149.00

Zildjian ZBT Crash
16 " A splendid fast crash with a bright high-pitched tone.

$ 179.00

Meinl HCS 20" Ride
HCS Ride Clean, warm sound, with a defined ping and nice bell. Good for all situations.
20" HCS20R

$ 179.00

Meinl Classic 14" Medium Crash
Meinl C14MC Classic Medium Crash
Wide frequency spectrum with a warm sound. Strong, immediate attack and a medium sustain.

$ 179.00

Zildjian ZBT China
18 " Fast, bright, "trashy" China ideal for special accents and musical exclamation points. Bold and colorful with an explosive attack, fast decay and plenty of volume to cut through the music.

$ 199.00

Meinl 16" Classics Thin Crash
Meinl C16TC 16" Classics Thin Crash
Broad frequency spectrum with medium sustain. Washy and bright.

$ 229.00

Meinl 16" Classics China
Meinl C16CH 16" Classics China
Aggressive, penetrating attack with a clear, trashy sound. Cutting bright overtones. Explosive response with medium sustain.

$ 229.00

Meinl 16" Classics Medium Crash
Meinl C16MC 16" Classics Medium Crash
Wide frequency spectrum with a warm sound. Strong, immediate attack and a medium sustain.

$ 229.00

Meinl MB10 10" Splash
Meinl Mb10 10S-B 10" Splash
Flexible, buttery feel with an outstanding crisp and well-balanced
spread. Fast and very controlled attack with a bright and warm sound.

$ 239.00

Zildian ZBT Ride
20 " Medium high-pitched tone. Precise, clean stick definition.

$ 239.00

Zildjian ZBT HiHats
14 " Sharp and focused. Excellent, bright " chick " sound.

$ 259.00

Meinl 20" Classics Medium Ride
Meinl C20MR 20" Classics Medium Ride
Extremely balanced feel with a full, warm sound. Clear ping over an even shimmering wash, with a medium bell and sustain.

$ 319.00

Meinl 14" Classics Medium Soundwave Hihats
C14MSW Classics Medium Soundwave Hihats
Waved bottom increases sizzling, loud open hihat sound. Strong, warm character and a fat cutting chick.

$ 359.00

Meinl Mb10 16" Medium Crash
Meinl Mb10 16MC-B 16" Medium Crash
Bright, warm and well-balanced sound in a wide dynamic range. Full, even and soft responsive feel with an extensive spread. Versatile, all-purpose classic rock crash.

$ 469.00

Meinl Soundcaster Custom 16" Powerful Crash
Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crashes
Strong, penetrating attack and cutting power. Lots of bright, brilliant overtones with a medium sustain.

$ 479.00

Meinl Soundcaster 14" Custom Powerful Hihat
Soundcaster Custom Powerful Hihat
Very energetic and powerful with a brilliant high-pitched open hihat sound. Strong chick caused by heavier weight.

$ 539.00

Meinl Mb8 14" Medium Hihat
Meinl 14MH-B Mb8 14" Medium Hihat
Powerful feeling with an exceptionally clear voice. Precise and sharp chick sound for articulate playing.

$ 599.00

Meinl 20" Mb10 Medium Ride
Meinl 20MR-B 20" Mb10 Medium Ride
The ultimate balance of bright stick definition with pure tone and glassy ping. The big sized sweet-spot bell offers a penetrating loud sound. A great cymbal for rock!

$ 669.00

Meinl Soundcaster 20" Medium Ride
Meinl Soundcaster 20" SC20MR-B Custom Medium Ride
Defined, clear ping with a warm, brilliant response and a medium
sustain. A balanced and musical bell.

$ 679.00

Meinl Mb10 14" Medium Soundwave Hihats
Meinl Mb10 14MSW-B 14" Medium Soundwave Hihats
Cutting, high pitched sound with quick attack. Energetic open sound with a sharp and crispy chick. The waved bottom eliminates air lock for maximum clarity.

$ 679.00

Meinl Byzance 20" Ride
B20Mr Byzance Traditional Medium Ride
Balanced, controllable stick response with a defined ping and a blend of bright overtones. Warm basic sound with medium sustain and bell.

$ 699.00

Meinl Soundcaster 22" Custom Powerful Ride
Soundcaster Custom Powerful Rides
Heavy weight and highly polished finish produces a solid high
frequency stick attack with a clear penetrating ping and bell.

$ 729.00

Meinl 14" Byzance Brilliant Fast Hihats
B14FH 14" Byzance Brilliant Fast Hihats
Hihat features two different finishes, enabling a dry immediate response, an extremely fast chick, and a short sustain.

$ 749.00

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