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Guitar hanger
Great for home use as well as display.

$ 7.95

Guitar hanger swivel head
Guitar hanger with adjustable 180o swivel head

$ 8.95

Xtreme - Tubular style guitar stand
XTREME - Tubular style heavy duty pro stand. EVA foam rubber instrument protection for neck and body. Folding compact neck support with safety lock. Metal fork support.

$ 19.95

Heavy duty ‘A’ frame stand
AMS - Heavy duty ‘A’ frame guitar stand. 3 position locking system. EVA foam rubber instrument protection. Folds flat. Suits all classic and acoustic guitars and most electric and bass guitars.

$ 24.95

Upright guitar hanging stand.
Tubular style, height adjustable, to suit all guitar types.

$ 29.00

Hercules GS401B
GS401B Acoustic guitar mini stand

$ 39.95

Hercules GS405B
Secure Retention System yoke.

$ 54.95

Hercules Auto Grab Stand
GS412B. With Auto Grab System yoke.

$ 59.95

Acoustic guitar performer stand
Chrome heavy duty double braced tripod base

$ 89.00

Heavy duty stool

$ 139.00

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