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Gel Pack
Par 56 Pre cut Gel Pack - 6 colours

$ 12.00

Mini Strobe
The Miniflash is an affordable & compact strobe light

$ 24.95

Light Emotion Mirror Ball Motor 2RPM
Mirror Ball Motor 2RPM. Suits sizes up to 16" (40cm)

$ 24.95

Pinspot is perfect for highlighting small areas with colour

$ 34.95

Free Standing Mirror Ball 8"
8" Mirror Ball on free standing or hanging rotating, motorised base, battery operated or power pack

$ 39.00

Light Emotion Par 56 Short Can
Light Emotion Par 56 Short Can - Black with gel frame

$ 49.50

Light Emotion Par 56 Can Black
Lightweight aluminium, Piggy back plug

$ 54.00

SoundKing Budget Lighting Stand
SoundKing Budget Lighting Stand with T Bar. 2.5m

$ 69.00

Mirror Ball 16"
The classic disco icon

$ 79.00

Full Moon
This sound activated moonflower effect delivers instant movement and colour to your dancefloor or party.

$ 119.00

Antari F80Z Alpha Party Fogger
Mini Fog Machine - 700w Heater. 2,500cu.ft/min, 0.8L tank, includes FC1 Remote

$ 119.00

SoundKing Lighting Stand with Side Arms
Aluminium Lighting Stand with T Bar and Side Arms. 3.25 m.

$ 129.00

Mirror Ball 20"
The classic disco icon

$ 129.00

Led Flower
LED moonflower effect with very high output LED.

$ 139.00

Oil Wheel
Classic colourful Oil Wheel effect.

$ 149.00

Z30 Medium Bubble Machine
The Z30 is a monster bubble maker.

$ 249.00

With a dual LED light source this fixture can cover a large area

$ 249.00

The Behringer EUROLIGHT LC2412 is a professional 24-channel DMX lighting console

$ 349.00

led Parbar
New Led Parbar the all in one light show.

$ 699.00

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