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Lane 574
$ 50.00
• Cardioid pick up pattern designed for greater exclusion of unwanted off-axis signals
• Frequency response designed for accurate high end, mid range and bass
• Ability to operate at high sound pressure levels
• Technically advanced cartridge shock mount system for low sensitivity to impact and handling noise
• Classic instrument microphone styling
• Hardened steel mesh grille to minimize wear and the chance of damage by accident or abuse
• Rugged zinc-aluminium alloy body designed for the hardworking musician or sound technician

• Pick-up pattern Cardioid
• Frequency response 50-15,000 HZ
• Sensitivity -71 +/- 3dB
• Nominal impedance 600 OHMS
The Lane LM-574 takes the sound it gets and delivers it with the minimum of coloration.

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