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Kelly Tone-Darkening Sound Sleeve
Tone-Darkening Sound Sleeves are designed to add mass to a brass trumpet mouthpiece, thereby darkening your sound.

$ 20.00

KELLY Trumpet Thumb Rest
A comfortable rest for the right hand thumb, while playing trumpet, cornet, or marching mellophone.

$ 20.00

The AirMax Breather
The AirMax Breather™ is an original breathing tool with four different resistance levels -- beginner through advanced -- to maximize lung capacity and improve breathing in a relaxed and efficient manner.

$ 22.50

KELLY French Horn Mouthpieces
The cup size is patterned after the Holton Farkas® series.

$ 27.00

Kelly Trumpet Mouthpieces
Kelly Mouthpieces Lexan material provides more comfort than brass at a fraction of the cost.

$ 29.00

KELLY Trumpet
Kelly Trumpet "Screamer" Mouthpiece
This mouthpiece is only available in Crystal Clear at this time.

$ 29.00

KELLY Cornet Mouthpieces
Our KELLY-4B has a short-shank and is designed to fit U.K. style cornets.

$ 29.00

Kelly Trombone / Baritone (Small-Shank) Mouthpieces
All cup sizes are sampled by our professional staff and are adjusted to produce our final, comfortable, easy-blowing mouthpieces.

$ 35.00

Jupiter Trombone/Baritone 12C
A fine mouthpiece for commercial and jazz playing.

$ 36.95

KELLY Tuba Mouthpieces
The 18, 24AW and 25 cup sizes are patterned after the Bach® series, while the KELLYberg® is patterned after the Conn Helleberg® series.

$ 39.00

KELLY Large-Shank Bass Trombone Mouthpieces
KELLY Large-Shank Trombone and Euphonium Mouthpieces are made entirely of Lexan® material.

$ 39.00

KELLY European-Shank Euphonium Mouthpieces
The 5G is patterned after the Bach® series, and the 51D is patterned after the Yamaha/Schilke® series.

$ 39.00

Jupiter 5G
Small shank 5G Euphonium/Trombone

$ 39.95

Jupiter Trumpet Mouthpiece 7C
The most popular of all sizes

$ 49.00

Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece
The Bach 7C is probably the most widely used mouthpiece in the world. Inner Rim Contour assists with embouchure security in upper register playing.

RRP : $ 125.00

$ 89.00

Denis Wick 4B Cornet Mouthpiece
Medium cup Bb Cornet 4B (Silver) The most popular model. Rich tone and easy and brilliant high register

$ 94.95

Denis Wick 5 Tenor Horn Mouthpiece
All Denis Wick tenor (alto) horn mouthpieces use deep funnel cups for maximum quality of tone and flexibility with matched throats and backbores for perfect intonation

$ 109.00

Kelly Clearview® Embouchure Visualization Packs
Crystal Clear Lexan® material provides educators and private instructors easy viewing of students' lip placement and aperture during playing time on an actual mouthpiece, with true pressure and resistance.

$ 119.00

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